Imagination in Class: Part 2

Imagination in Class:Part 2

Following the positive response to the Imagination in Class, here are 4  more activities to stimulate students' imagination and motivation in class.

A different zoo (A1 CEFR level)
Draw 2-3 animals on the board doing unusual activities e.g. an elephant reading a book, a wild cat watching TV etc.
Tell students this is not an ordinary zoo. Ask them to describe what the animals are doing in this different zoo. Elicit one or two and write the sentences on the board so that students have an example. Then ask them to imagine what the other animals are doing. Below you can see some samples of what students can come up with. (Special thanks to  Lillian Borboudaki, EFL teacher at Doukas school for doing the activity with her students. )

A day in the life of a monster (A1 CEFR Level)
When teaching the Simple Present, the most challenging part is to help students practice the "s" in the third singular. Describing their mother's or father's routine is a dull task and students are often reluctant to write about it. How about trying "
A day in the life of their pet monster or alien"?
Write a model with a couple of sentences on the board and then let them draw their own monster and write the sentences. This time I asked them to color them at home and edit
their work so that we can post some of them on the school's blog. The response has been unexpectedly enthusiastic.

3. Feelings in English ( Special thanks to Marianiki Vatsakis,  Art teacher at Doukas school, for the activity)
When teaching feelings and abstract notions, a nice way to activate kinesthetic students - not only - is to ask them to draw the feelings adopting graffiti style writing. The outcome is sometimes very impressive!

4. What if.... (A2-C2 CEFR levels)
Ask your students to imagine what would they do if they could change the world. "What if..."  An ideal activity to practise 2nd conditional and encourage students to ex
press their ideas. Here's what they may come up with....

Have fun with your class!!!
Dimitris Primalis

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