How to turn your powerpoint presentation into a video and boost your learners' creativity!

Turn your powerpoint presentation into a video in 
3 easy steps and boost your learners' creativity!

Powerpoint is the best known tool for presentations. Now you can use it to promote your and your students'  work and attract your audience's attention by  creating short videos like the one below:

Step 1: Create your presentation and save it as ODP. You may want to add transitions between the slides which make it more impressive or add sound.

Step 2: Click the presentation button at the top bar menu (see green arrow) and rehearse as if you were presenting the powerpoint. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can try as many times as you want. 

Step 3:  Save the presentation either as MP4 file or as wmv file. It may take a while for the video to "brew"  but the end product is worth the time. 

Ideas for the classroom

Students can create:
1. a trailer for their favourite film or book
2. their own commercial promoting their inventions or a good cause i.e. recycling
3. their own animated stories by using the new "synth" transition which creates animation effects 
4. a vlog by inserting photos or videos from their holidays or daily routine .

For the mini video and screen shots in the step-by-step tutorials I used Office Mix which is an add-on easily downloadable and can be an invaluable tool for every educator. You can read more on my next blogpost in a few days.  

Have fun with your class and boost their creativity with their own powerpoint videos!

Dimitris Primalis

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  1. Great ideas and the way of using them, Dimitris. Thanks for sharing your work. I am sure you will be still sharing next new year with your awesome work. Congratulations to close the year with a well done job! Warm greetings from Lima and best wishes for a positive and better 2016!