Classroom rules for 1:1 schools!!!

Below you can find a list of rules my students agreed on during our first lessons. If you have computers in class, you may use them as a set of useful guidelines to spark a discussion and create your own rules.

Classroom ICT rules for 1-1 schools
1.    Make sure your tablet p.c. is charged.
2.  Turn it on as soon as you enter the classroom and open the coursebook file you worked on the previous day.
3.  No games should be installed without the teacher’s permission.
4.  Don’t overload your computer with “flashy” programs. They will make your “Ferrari” slower than a turtle.
5.  Don’t exchange or lend your computer.
6.  Share your computer if your partner’s gets stuck.
7.   Keep sound muted during the lesson. Listen only from the central audio system.
8.  Raise your hand if you need help. Visit the IT technical dept if necessary.
9.  Do not access the social media (Facebook, MSN,  Skype) or other files (photos) during the lesson.
10.Respect personal data. Don’t share/upload photos unless you have permission to do so by the school.