Coursebooks: Getting better or worse?

I may be getting older but I get the impression that the vast majority of coursebooks appear to be identical, heavily focused on exam type questions - even from elementary levels- and lack imagination and creativity. The publishers complain that the cost of a coursebook is exhorbitant and they have to cater for the market's needs if they want to survive. The authors state they are restricted by the author's brief the publishers send them and they cannot deviate.

Are you happy with most coursebooks? Do they really cater for your and your students' needs? If you met a publisher and an author what would you tell them?


A different side of EFL

After 18 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language in various environments and positions, I feel this blog is an opportunity to express what we all discuss between two talks at a convention or during the break. Since this is my first attempt, I hope that the readers will excuse my lack of experience and contribute with their constructive criticism, experience and different views.

Dimitris Primalis